Student Support

Boston University Academy is a small school full of kind, thoughtful students who understand and appreciate the value of being themselves. We nurture this sense of acceptance; it’s part of how our students can work so hard and achieve so much. Students know their peers are on their side. bbin娱乐平台 teachers and staff are the foundation of our caring community. We offer abundant support so students can find balance as they negotiate the rigors of school and the challenges of adolescence.

Counseling Program

The goal of the program is to take individual students’ needs and learning styles into consideration and prepare students for a positive high school experience. The counseling program is designed to advocate for student needs and support all students’ academic and personal development. Aspects of the program include weekly class meetings, one on one support as needed, helping students acclimate to the bbin娱乐平台 community, and assistance with transition between grade levels. The program involves outreach to and collaboration with University resources, outside practitioners, and ongoing communication with parents, faculty, and administration.

School Counselor

The school counseling model at Boston University Academy is designed to support students’ academic and social-emotional needs. The school counselor assists students throughout their high school experience and is available for any student that may need additional support navigating challenges both in and out of the classroom. The counselor’s role is focused on the well-being and healthy development of students. As a result, the counselor is easily accessible to all students and families. Consultation is available to help students and families who may need outside resources and/or support. 

Learning Specialist

The bbin娱乐平台 learning specialist provides academic support and study skills across all disciplines, and works to develop strategies for students with learning disabilities. The learning specialist helps augment bbin娱乐平台’s student support team and enables bbin娱乐平台 to complement its social-emotional support program with professional academic support.

Learning Accommodations

In the case of students with documented learning differences, students will work with the school counselor and learning specialist to coordinate supports, as appropriate and possible within the structure of the program. For accommodations in University coursework, the school counselor collaborates with the University’s Office of Disability Services.

Peer Advisors

Peer advisors help new students transition into the bbin娱乐平台 community. They introduce students to community norms and rules and serve as guides and resources throughout their first year at bbin娱乐平台. Peer advisors encourage community service and school spirit; they support and sponsor social activities; they help new students adjust to life at bbin娱乐平台.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors volunteer their time to help bbin娱乐平台 students who are having difficulty in a particular academic subject. They have weekly meetings with students to help them learn and understand material and develop successful work and study habits.

University Liaison

The university liaison is a conduit of communication between bbin娱乐平台 and the instructors at the University. The university liaison communicates feedback to the student, advisor, and parents. The University Liaison meets biweekly with juniors as part of junior class meeting to provide guidance with the transition to the University program and coursework.