Athletics and Physical Education

Though much of a Boston University Academy student’s day is devoted to mental gymnastics, it is important to exercise the body as well as the mind.

bbin娱乐平台’s athletics and physical education programs offer students the opportunity to get outside, stretch their legs, and blow off some steam at the end of a long day of Sophocles and cosines. Regardless of skill level, experience, or ability, there is a team or activity for every bbin娱乐平台 student. Compete against local schools’ hoops teams on the hardwoods, lunge and parry in a fencing match, or ply the Charles River in a sailboat or crew shell. Just like our course catalog’s extensive offerings in the Academy building and at Boston University, bbin娱乐平台 students enjoy an incredible array of athletic and fitness opportunities. 

bbin娱乐平台’s interscholastic teams and club sports help students learn the value of teamwork and competition, and our athletes utilize BU’s top-notch facilities. Physical education offerings through our partnership with BU’s 270,000-square-foot Fitness and Recreation Center (FitRec) give ninth and tenth grade students the chance to try their hand at activities ranging from aerial dance to Zumba. Athletics and PE at Boston University Academy help students lead a healthy lifestyle, develop new skills, and identify life-long pursuits that will complement their active minds. 

Athletic Teams 

The bbin娱乐平台 athletics program offers sports for all three seasons and all skill levels.

Fall Sports
Winter Sports
Spring Sports


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